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Derived from a real estate brokerage firm for apartment and land projects. WiKi Land will become a pioneer in the field of resort real estate, bringing class, high status, strong development, contributing to bring happiness and prosperity to the community. and profit for investors. WiKi Land will be a solid start for every employee. With best policies, invest in core values, develop sales thinking and leadership. WiKi Land is committed to becoming the best Real Estate Sales Training and Development Provider.

The focus on e-commerce and exploiting advanced technology brings WiKi Land differently than most other real estate companies.

Our company has many reputations with real estate business partners, project investors and customers.

Investment Opportunities: We have filtered many projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc and Province. Pleased to introduce to you attractive projects, beautiful location, complete legal profile, high profit investment and good housing.

WiKi Land will be the leading real estate investment and trading company providing customers with the best service quality that is evaluated by the satisfaction index of customers using the services of the company.

We would like to receive more sharing, contribution and cooperation of customers so that we continue to improve ourselves to serve customers better.

Our motto "cooperate together, co-develop together, bring the best professional settlement for customers".

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With the passion - concentration and consistency to turn WiKi Land into a real estate investment - business - brokerage firm in Vietnam.

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* WiKi Land is proud of having excellent people who are committed to work, consistent and sharing a great vision of the future, togetherness, solidarity, passion and talent. *


Become a world class real estate company, high position, strong development, contributing to bring happiness and prosperity.


Proactive application of the latest technology in the management system to maximize the efficiency of work.

Core values

Right – Effective – Professional

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